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Biotechnology Objective Questions { Transgenic Plant }

22. Which of the following self-pollinating plant/(s) tend to be homozygous?
D.All of these
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23. Which cell-based plant technology involves the combining of two cells without cell walls from different species?
A.Clonal propagation
C.Protoplast fusion
D.Mutant selection
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24. A naturally occurring variant, possessing characteristics of interest, is identified. This plant is selectively bred. This is an example of
A.traditional plant breeding
B.transgenic technology
C.mutant selection
D.none of these
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25. Which of the following dies from Ti plasmid infection?
D.All of these
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26. Which of the following genes can be used for making resistances against viral infection?
A.Genes for capsid protein
B.Gene for nucleocapsid protein
C.Satellite RNA
D.All of these
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27. Which of the following has been widely used to provide resistance against plant viruses?
A.Virus resistance genes from bacteria
B.Expression of virus coat protein genes in transgenic plants
C.Expression of anti-virus genes in vectors that transmit viruses
D.Expression of ribonuclease (RNase) genes in host plants
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28. Cross protection against viruses in transgenic plants can be obtained by
A.inoculating the susceptible strain of a crop with a mild strain of a virus that helps in developing resistance against more virulent strain
B.inoculating the susceptible strain with the coat proteins of virulent strain
C.inoculating the susceptible strain with genes of nucleocapsid
D.any of the above
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