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Biotechnology Objective Questions { Transgenic Plant }

8. Which of the following statements is true regarding genomics?
A.Plant genomics lags behind similar efforts in animals and microorganisms
B.Researchers can make use of genomic information even if the entire genome of an organism is not known
C.Researchers are busy in trying to determine the genome of the potato plant
D.All of the above
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9. Which of the following gene is responsible for resistance against chilling?
A.Glycerol 1 phosphate acyl transferase
C.ACC deaminase
D.Sucrose phosphate synthase gene
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10. Which of the following gene detoxifies herbicide phosphinothricin?
B.Glutathione S-transferase (GST)
C.Phosphinothricin acetyl transferase
D.All of these
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11. Plants derived sexually from the same plant are____ while those derived from somatic tissue from the same plant are____.
A.identical, different
B.different, also different
C.different, identical
D.plants cannot be derived from somatic tissue
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12. Transgenic plants with increased tolerance to aluminum have been produced by making plants that
A.secrete phytosiderophores into the soil
B.make more metal-binding peptides like phytochelatins
C.bind aluminum to the cell wall
D.secrete citrate into the soil
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13. Transplastomics
A.targets genes in the chloroplast
B.provides exceptionally low yields of protein products
C.produces genes that are released in pollen
D.offers little opportunity for practical use
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14. Plants containing genes encoding cytokines and blood clotting factors are used in
A.nutrition improvement
B.pharmaceutical production
C.vaccine production
D.textile production
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