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Biotechnology Objective Questions { Special Proteins and Crop Improvement }

22. α and β cyclo dextrins are produced by
A.transgenic tomato
B.transgenic maize
C.transgenic potato
D.transgenic wheat
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23. α and β cyclo dextrins are used for
A.pharmaceutical delivery system
B.flavour and odour enhancement in foods
C.removal of undesired compounds like caffeine from foods
D.all of the above
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24.  Microinjection technique of introducing NA is a
A.physical method
B.biological method
C.combination of physical and biological method
D.chemical method
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25.  MS medium, is found essential for initial morphogenesis of the immature embryos and to enhance callus development, when supplemented with
B.GA3 and coconut milk
D.adenine and kinetin
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26. Plant tissue culture technique is used to select somaclones that are
A.resistant to herbicide
B.not resistant to herbicide
C.resistant to insecticides
D.not resistant to insecticides
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27. Which of the following mutant/(s) has/have increased amount of lysine and/or methionine in corn seeds?
D.All of these
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28. Which of the following is the class of hybridization?
D.all of these
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