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Biotechnology Objective Questions { Recombinant DNA }

1. A molecular technique in which DNA sequences between two oligonucleotide primers can be amplified is known as
A.southern blotting
B.northern blotting
C.polymerase chain reaction
D.DNA replication
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2. The Southern blotting technique depends on
A.similarities between the sequences of probe DNA and experimental DNA
B.similarities between the sequences of probe RNA and experimental RNA
C.similarities between the sequences of probe protein and experimental protein
D.the molecular mass of proteins
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3. Problems in obtaining large amounts of proteins encoded by recombinant genes can often be overcome by using
B.expression vectors
D.all of these
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4. Agrobacterium tumefaciens is
A.a disease in humans that causes loss of sight
B.a bacterium that can be used to introduce DNA into plants
C.a fungi that is used to produce antibiotics in large amounts
D.a disease in humans that causes loss of weight
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5. In genetic engineering, a chimera is
A.an enzyme that links DNA molecules
B.a plasmid that contains foreign DNA
C.a virus that infects bacteria
D.a fungi
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6.  The deliberate modifications of an organism's genetic information by directly changing its nucleic acid content is a subject matter of
A.genetic engineering
B.population genetics
D.protein engineering
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7. Electroporation is
A.the process of separating charged molecules through a gel maintained in an electric field
B.the process of combining foreign DNA to an electrically charged vector molecule
C.the application of high voltage pulses
D.the process of multiplication of the cells
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