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Biotechnology Objective Questions { Plant Cell Culture }

15. What is/are the benefit(s) of micropropagation or clonal propagation?
A.Rapid multiplication of superior clones
B.Multiplication of disease free plants
C.Multiplication of sexually derived sterile hybrids
D.All of the above
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16. When plated only in nutrient medium, how much time is required for the protoplast to synthesize new cell wall?
A.2-5 days
B.5-10 days
C.10-15 days
D.15-17 days
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17. Cellular totipotency is the property of
D.all of these
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18. Agrobacterium based gene transfer is efficient
A.only with dicots
B.only with monocots
C.with both monocots and dicots
D.with majority monocots and few dicots
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