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Biotechnology Objective Questions { Ethanol Production }

15. How is air supply to the fermentor sterilized?
A.By heat filtration
B.Filtration through fibrous material
C.Filtration through granular material
D.All of the above
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16. What are the fermentation conditions for the ethanol production?
A.pH 6; temperature 35°C
B.pH 5; temperature 35°C
C.pH 6; temperature 30°C
D.pH 5; temperature 30°C
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17. Which of the following is used for agitation in a fermentor?
D.All of these
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18. To maintain aseptic conditions during fermentation which of the following is needed?
A.Sterilization of fermentor
B.Sterilization of air supply
C.Aeration and agitation
D.All of these
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19. High ethanol concentration
A.promotes yeast growth
B.inhibits yeast growth
C.promotes bacterial growth
D.inhibits bacterial growth
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