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Biotechnology Objective Questions { Disorders }

1. The disorder in which of the following may cause "Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome"?
A.Dlashin protein
B.Collagen protein
C.Fibrin protein
D.Globulin protein
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2. Which of the protein is involved in Alzheimer's disease?
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3.  If the RBC of human were kept in 0.9% NaCl solution, what sort of change will occur to RBC?
A.Cell will Burst
B.Cell will shrink
C.No change to RBC
D.RBC will destroy
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4. Which of the modification in hemoglobin is the cause of sickle cell anemia?
A.A mutation in the beta chain
B.A deletion in the beta chain
C.Replacement of the B chain by D chain
D.None of the above
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5. Klinefelter syndrome is a manifestation of which chromosome aneuploidy?
D.None of these
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6. During sickle cell anemia which of the following takes place?
A.Glutamine change to valine
B.Valine change to glutamine
C.Aspartic acid change to glutamic acid
D.Glutamic acid change to aspartic acid
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7. Methotrexate is toxic to human cells because it inhibits
A.formation of CTP from UTP
B.reduction of H2 folate to H4 folate
C.synthesis of PRPP
D.none of the above
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