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Biotechnology Objective Questions { Biosensors and Biochips }

15. Which of the following is correct about micro biosensors?
A.Implantation in human body and are suitable for in-vivo measurements
B.Can be integrated on one chip and are useful for measuring various substrates in a small amount of sample solution simultaneously
C.It is possible to develop disposable transducers for biosensors through mass production
D.All of these
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16. When farmers breed new plants they choose the pollen from one variety of plant and place it onto the stigma of another variety of plant. This type of plant breeding is known as
A.selective breeding
C.seed collection
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17. The inosine and hypoxanthine can be determined simultaneously by using
A.inosine sensor
B.inosine and hypoxanthine sensor
C.amorphous silicon ISFET
D.urea sensor
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18. An ordered array is any collection of analytical elements configured in
A.rows and columns
D.none of these
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