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Biotechnology Objective Questions { Biosensors and Biochips }

8. Microbiosensors are based on
A.ions effect
B.ionsensitive field effect transistor
C.piezoelectric effect
D.magnetic effect
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9. To qualify as a micro array the analytical device must be
C.planer and specific
D.all of these
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10. Microarrays are also known as
B.DNA chips
C.gene chips
D.all of these
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11. Pollination is the process by which plants transfer male sex cells from one plant to another. How does the nucleus of the male cell reach the female cell?
A.It travels on the legs of bees and sticks to the egg cell
B.The pollen grain grows a pollen tube and the nucleus travels down the pollen tube to reach the egg cell
C.It blows in the wind
D.None of the above
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12. When a gardener takes a cutting from a plant, indicating that he has made a
C.new species
D.new variety
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13. Single stranded circular RNA encapsidated with a larger RNA in a plant virus is
A.a virion
B.a viroid
C.a virusoid
D.none of these
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14.  Microarray analysis involves biological assays based on
C.purification columns
D.small glass chips
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