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Biotechnology Objective Questions { Beer and Wine }

15. Grist is
A.coarse powder obtained after milling of malted barley
B.an aqueous extract of malt
C.malted barley
D.coagulated protein obtained during boiling
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16. If the malolactic fermentation is not carried out,
A.the wine will have an odd odor
B.malic acid may precipitate, leaving small crystals
C.the wine may be microbially unstable
D.the wine will be too low in acid
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17. Which of the following organism is used for the fermentation of grapes?
A.Rhizopus sonti
B.Aspergillus oryzae
C.Lactobacillus vermiformis
D.Saccharomyces cerevisiae
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18. Wort is
A.an aqueous extract of malt
B.malted barley
C.coagulated protein obtained during boiling
D.none of the above
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19. Which is not correct about blush wines?
A.They are stored in barrels
B.They are bottled within a year
C.They are usually slightly sweet
D.They are fermented in stainless steel
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20. Malting process allows malt amylase and proteinases to degrade starch and protein to
A.glucose and peptone as well as peptides
B.glucose and amino acids
C.maltose and peptone as well as peptides
D.maltose and amino acids
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21. Which of the following is true for the lager beer?
A.Bottom fermenting yeast is used for the preparation
B.Top yeast is used for the preparation
C.Require high fermentation temperature
D.Both (b) and (c)
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