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Biotechnology Objective Questions { Animal Cell Culture and Regulation }

22. How does CO2 help in the cell metabolism during cell culture?
A.It participates in the de novo synthesis of purines and pyrimidines
B.Helps in the cells respiration
C.For monitoring pH of the culture
D.All of the above
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23. Which of the following is not the explantation technique?
A.Slide culture
B.Carrel flask culture
C.Roller test tube culture
D.Adherent primary culture
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24. Cells which have undergone transformation frequently become
A.anchorage independent
B.anchorage dependent
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25. Range of optimum glucose concentration present in the culture media is
A.5.5 - 55 mmol/litre
B.55 - 75 mmol/litre
C.75-105 mmol/litre
D.105-150 mmol/litre
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26. The technique of organ culture may be divided on the basis of employing
A.solid medium
B.liquid medium
C.both (a) and (b)
D.semi-solid medium
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27. At low glucose concentration, below 0.25 mmol/litre, large portions of glucose and glutamine is shunted via
A.oxidative pathway
B.anaerobic pathway
C.both (a) and (b)
D.none of these
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28. An established cell line can be called where it has been subcultured at least
A.70 times at an interval of 3 days between subcultures
B.40 times at an interval of 3 days between subcultures
C.70 times at an interval of 1 day between subcultures
D.50 times at an interval of 3 days between subcultures
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