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Biotechnology Objective Questions { Animal Cell Culture and Regulation }

15. What are the main constituents of culture for animal cell growth?
A.Glucose and Glutamine
B.Growth factors
D.All of these
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16. During the growth of animal cells in culture, it is noticed that the cells do not look very healthy. After an investigation, this is found that there is a lot of lactic acid in the culture fluid. What is probably wrong with this culture?
A.Ethyl alcohol is being produced in excess
B.The cells have too much oxygen
C.Glycolysis is being inhibited
D.The cells do not have enough oxygen
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17. Range of optimum glutamine concentration present in the culture media is
A.1-2 mmol/litre
B.2-7 mmol/litre
C.7-15 mmol/litre
D.15 - 20 mmol/litre
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18. The human fibroplast is a classical example of
A.stable primary cell lines
B.established cell lines
C.cell transformations
D.none of these
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19. pH of culture medium is initially controlled by
A.presence of CO2
B.presence of bicarbonate buffer
C.addition of bases
D.none of these
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20. Which of the following abnormality, resulted from the inheritance of an unbalanced complement of chromosomes can be diagnosed through karotyping?
A.Down's syndrome
B.Turner's syndrome
C.Klinefelter's syndrome
D.all of these
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21. In animal cell culture, particularly mammalian cell culture, transformation means
A.uptake of new genetic material
B.phenotypic modifications of cells in culture
C.both (a) and (b)
D.release of genetic information
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