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Biotechnology Objective Questions { Animal Cell Culture and Regulation }

1. For culturing, plasma from the adult chicken is preferred to mammalian plasma because
A.it forms a clear and solid coagulum even after dilution
B.it is too opaque
C.it doesn't produce solid clots
D.it forms a semi solid coagulum
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2. Toxicity due to accumulation of ammonia can be overcome
A.by substituting glutamine by glutamate
B.by controlled addition of glutamine at low level
C.by removal of ammonia or ammonium from culture medium
D.all of the above
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3. Range of osmolarity tolerated/accepted in mOsm/Kg of H2O by mammalian cells is
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4. Disaggregating of cells can be achieved by
A.physical disruption
B.enzymatic digestion
C.treating with chelating agents
D.all of the above
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5. Accumulation of lactate leads to
A.increase in pH
B.no change in pH
C.reduction in the pH of culture hence loss of cell viability
D.no loss of cell viability
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6.  When dissolved oxygen is lower than the critical concentration, viable cell concentration declines because of
A.incomplete glutamine oxidation
B.increase in specific lactate production from glucose
C.both (a) and (b)
D.accumulation of ammonia
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7. According to Eagle, the growth of L-strain and Hela-strain cultures require to have mandatory presence of
A.6 amino acids
B.8 amino acids
C.10 amino acids
D.12 amino acids
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