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Biotechnology Objective Questions { Animal Breeding and Transgenic Animal }

29. Which of the following best describes artificial insemination?
A.Transplanting an embryo into the uterus
B.Fertilization of an egg in a test tube
C.Selectively breeding healthy animals
D.Taking the sperm and placing it directly
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30. Which part of a cell carries the information that is passed from one generation to the next?
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31.  DNA is microinfected into the fertilized egg
A.after the fusion of male and female nuclei
B.before the fusion of male and female nuclei
C.at the time of fusion of male and female nuclei
D.any time, it can be infected
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32. In which year, Dolly the first mammalian clone was born?
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33. Which of the following statements is false?
A.Continuous variation produces a spread of variation within a population
B.Discontinuous variation is the result of genetics alone
C.Blood group is an example of discontinuous variation
D.Discontinuous variation is influenced by the environment
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34.  Embryo transfer (ET) refers to the technique by which fertilized ova are collected from the reproductive tract of a genetically
A.superior female and transferred to the inferior
B.inferior female and transferred to the superior
C.balanced female
D.none of the above
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35. The number of follicles at any particular stage is governed by
A.the rate of entry of dormant follicles
B.the rate of growth of follicles
C.the rate of loss of follicles
D.all of the above
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