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Biochemistry Objective Questions {  Water, pH and Macromolecules }

22. The lone pair electrons on oxygen in a H20 molecule
A.carry a partial positive charge
B.are not important for the properties of water
C.carry a partial negative charge
D.form covalent bonds in ice
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23. Which of the following statements about water is correct?
A.It is critical for many of the chemical processes found in living systems
B.Polar substances that can form hydrogen bonds will dissolve in it
C.Nonpolar substances like oils are not soluble in it
D.All of the above
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24. The strength of an acid depends on
A.number of neutrons gain
C.number of double bonds
D.number of protons released
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25. Which of the following statements about covalently bonded molecules is false?
A.Electrons are shared between the atoms that make up the molecule
B.Noncovalent bonds may also be present, especially if the molecule is large
C.Such molecules often result from the interaction of ionized atoms
D.The chemical bonds that hold the molecule together are relatively strong
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26. Which of the following character does not apply to water?
A.The water molecule is asymmetric
B.The water molecule readily forms hydrophobic interactions
C.The covalent bonds in water are highly polarized
D.All three atoms in the water molecule readily form hydrogen bonds
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27. The dissociation constant of H2O at 25° C is
A.10-14 M
B.1014 M
C.10-7 M
D.107 M
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28.  Weak acids generally have pKa
A.values less than 1
B.pKa values greater than 2
C.been seldom found in living systems
D.that cannot be used to buffe
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