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Biochemistry Objective Questions {  Water, pH and Macromolecules }

8. Buffer solutions
A.will always have a pH of 7
B.are rarely found in living systems
C.cause a decrease in pH when acids are added to them.
D.tend to maintain a relatively constant pH.
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9. A Bronsted acid becomes __________ upon losing a proton.
A.highly reactive
B.its conjugate acid
C.its conjugate base
D.a hydronium ion
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10. Most of the important functional groups in biological molecules contain
A.oxygen and/or nitrogen and are acidic
B.oxygen and a phosphate
C.nitrogen and a phosphate
D.oxygen and/or nitrogen and are polar
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11. What is the concentration, in moles/liter, of the hydrogen ion, if pH of a solution is 7?
B.7 x 10-7
C.5 x 10-7
D.1 x 10-7
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12. Which of the following alcohols would be most soluble in water?
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13. Which of the following acid/base pairs act as natural buffers in living systems?
D.All of these
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14.  If protein is made exclusively from nonpolar amino acids, then it will this protein interact with water?
A.be repelled by water
B.It will be attracted to water
C.It will form a membrane in water
D.It will act as a buffer and stabilize the pH
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