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Biochemical Engineering Objective Questions { Water Treatment }

36. The activated sludge process is sometime referred as
A.fluid bed biological oxidation system
B.fixed bed biological oxidation system
C.turning bed biological oxidation system
D.none of the above
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37. BOD stands for
A.biochemical oxygen demand
B.british oxygen demand
C.british oxygen depletion
D.biological oxygen depletion
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38. When temporary hard water is boiled, one of the substances formed is
A.calcium bicarbonate
B.calcium sulfate
C.hydrogen chloride
D.carbon dioxide
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39. Zeolite softening process removes both temporary and permanent hardness of water. In this process the calcium and magnesium present in water are precipitated as
A.insoluble carbonates
B.insoluble zeolites
C.insoluble chlorides
D.insoluble sulfates
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40. The methods used for biological treatment are
B.activated sludge process
C.oxidation ditches
D.all of these
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41. Both temporary and permanent hardness of water can be removed by
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42. Coliform bacteria in water is an indication of the presence of
A.radioactive wastes
B.excess fertilizer
C.decaying animals and plants
D.human feces
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