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Biochemical Engineering Objective Questions { Sterilization }

29. The heated medium passes through a holding section, which is usually maintained in
A.adiabatic conditions
B.isothermal conditions
C.isotropic conditions
D.isobaric conditions
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30. The highest temperature which appears to be feasible for batch sterilization is
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31. The K used in the equation for X10=2.303/K depends upon
A.nature of the filter material
B.linear velocity of the air passing through filter
C.both (a) and (b)
D.thickness of the filter
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32. The mechanical means of accomplishing sterilization of fermentation media/equipment is
C.chemical agents
D.none of these
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33. The radius of the filter with a depth of 14 cm required for a volumetric airflow rate of 10 m3/min is approximately
A.1.6 m
B.0.6 m
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34. The moist heat is more effective than the dry heat because the intrinsic heat resistance of vegetative cells is greatly
A.increased in a dry state
B.decreased in a dry state
C.increased in a wet state
D.decreased in a wet state
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35. The destruction of microorganisms by steam may be described as
A.first order chemical reaction
B.zero order chemical reaction
C.second order chemical reaction
D.none of these
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