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Biochemical Engineering Objective Questions { Fermentation Reactors }

1. Yield coefficient represents
A.total biomass or product produced
B.conversion efficiency of a substrate into product
C.conversion rate of a substrate into biomass or product
D.production time of biomass or product
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2. The lowest biomass yield in a culture of Escherichia coli will be in
A.an aerated batch culture containing a initial high concentration of glucose
B.an aerated batch reactor containing an initial low concentration of glucose
C.an aerated fed-batch reactor having a low glucose concentration
D.an aerated continuous reactor having a low glucose concentration
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3. When two populations compete for a single growth limiting substrate in a continuous fermenter, which organism would not be washed out?
A.Organism maintaining the highest substrate concentration
B.Organism maintaining the lowest substrate concentration
C.Both (a) and (b)
D.Organism maintaining the moderate substrate concentration
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4. The continuous cultures are not widely used in industry because
A.they are not suited for the production of secondary metabolites
B.contamination or mutation can have a disastrous effect on the operation
C.the government will not approve the licensing of pharmaceuticals produced in continuous cultures
D.all of the above
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5. The lowest yield of ATP /is in
B.aerobic respiration
C.anaerobic respiration
D.same in (a), (b) and (c)
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6. Mixing in an anaerobic sludge blanket reactor is due to
A.rapid change in water temperatures throughout the reactor
B.release of gases by the microbial populations
C.swimming of microbes
D.none of the above
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7. In batch culture, protogon is produced from peptone during the stationary phase with a yield of 0.4 protogon mg per g of peptone. If it is to be produced in a chemostat at a dilution rate of 0.5 h-1 from a medium containing 10 g.l-1 of peptone, then the rate of protogon synthesis would be
A.0 g.l-1h-1
B.0.5 g.l-1h-1
C.1 g.l-1h-1
D.2 g.l-1h-1
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