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Biochemical Engineering Objective Questions { Fermentation Kinetics }

43. The optical density sometimes drops during the lag phase because
A.cells tend to grow without dividing leading to a decrease in the surface area to volume ratio
B.of fast cell growth causing them to fill up with DNA
C.cells swell up with water
D.cells swell up with RNA
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44. The application of just in time (JIT) manufacturing techniques in biotechnology is important because
A.raw materials used in biotechnology are biodegradable
B.the products of biotechnology are biodegradable
C.it is a very competitive business (d) all of the above
D.all of the above
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45.  Residence time distribution (RTD) of a reactor is independent of
A.micro mixing
B.volume of reactor
C.height of the reactor
D.width of the reactor
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46. The bubble column fermenter is usually limited to
A.aerobic fermentations
B.anaerobic fermentations
C.Both (a) and (b)
D.facultative fermentation
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47. A culture in a closed vessel to which no additional medium is added and from which no waste products are removed is called a __________ culture.
D.semi continuous
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48.  If the specific growth rate, μ. is constant with time during the exponential growth period, the equation correlating bacterial number density Cn), cell number concentration with respect to time can be expressed as
A.Cn= Cn0 exp[μ (t - t0)]
B.Cn0 = Cn exp[μ (t - t0)]
C.Cn/Cn0 =(1/μ)exp(t-t0)
D.Cn0 / Cn = (1/μ)exp(t-t0)
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49. The diameter of the baffles in a standard stirred tank bioreactor ranges from
A.1/10th - 1/12th of the tank diameter
B.1/3rd - 1/4th of the tank diameter
C.1/15th - 1/20th of the tank diameter
D.1/20th - 1/25th of the tank diameter
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