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Biochemical Engineering Objective Questions { Fermentation Kinetics }

36. In the stationary phase
A.growth is proportional to death
B.growth rate is equal to death rate
C.growth rate is lesser than death rate
D.no co-relation exist between death rate and growth rate
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37. Which of the following is an example of a mathematical model?
A.Volume of cuboid = length x breadth x height
B.The Monod Model
C.The Michaelis Menten Equation
D.All of the above
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38. Biomass concentrations during fermentation is
A.diluting the samples to optical density less than 0.3
B.monitored by controlling the changes in biomass concentrations
C.considering that optical density is proportional to the surface area of the biomass in the sample
D.all of the above
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39. Chemostats work on the principle of
A.maintaining constant volume of culture medium
B.maintaining continuous flow of nutrients
C.maintaining uniform nutrients concentration
D.operating at higher pressure
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40. During the exponential phase the maximum specific growth rate equals specific growth rate as
A.concentration of the growth limiting substrate is much less than the monod constant
B.concentration of growth limiting substrate is much greater than the monod constant
C.specific growth rate increases exponentially
D.concentration of the growth limiting substrate is equal to the monod constant
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41. An internal draft tube is preferrred to an external draft tube because
A.it is easier to clean and sterilize a reactor
B.it is cheaper to build a reactor with an internal draft tube
C.Both (a) and (b)
D.none of the above
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42.  A functional relationship between the specific growth rate and essential compounds concentration was proposed by Monod in
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