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Biochemical Engineering Objective Questions { Fermentation Kinetics }

15. Why a T-flask used in small-scale cell culture is incubated in a horizontal position?
A.To save space
B.To increase the surface area of the liquid-air interface
C.Both (a) and (b)
D.To increase the rate of oxygen transfer into the liquid
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16.  An open system in which the growth rate is maintained by the removal and addition of media at such a rate as to maintain a constant cell density is called a
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17. Wash out in steady state fermentation occurs when
A.dilution rate is less than maximum specific growth rate
B.dilution rate is higher than the maximum specific growth rate
C.cell concentration reaches the maximum
D.specific growth rate is maximum
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18. Fermentor should be filled with medium upto
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19. Bacterial growth curve is obtained by plotting
A.number of cells versus time
B.number fo spores versus time
C.log of number of cells versus time
D.log of number of cells survived versus time
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20. When intracellular enzymes of whole cells are to be used in a bio-conversion process, it is often necessary to____________the cells.
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21. Heat transfer rates (per unit volume) will be lowest in
A.Stirred tank bioreactor with biomass recycle
B.Continuous air lift bioreactor
C.Continuous packed bed reactor
D.Continuous fluidized bed bioreactor
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