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Biochemical Engineering Objective Questions { Fermentation Kinetics }

8. The dilution rate, D is defined as(where F = volumetric flow rate, VR = total volume of culture in the reactor and μ specific growth rate)
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9. Diauxie is
A.growth factors
B.microbiological die off
C.the simultaneous uptake of nutrients
D.the stagewise uptake of nutrients
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10.  An open system in which the growth rate is maintained by adding a nutrient (present in limiting quantities) at the same rate as that medium containing micro-organisms is removed is called
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11. In the death phase
A.nutrients available for the cells are depleted and begin to die
B.the number of viable cells will increase
C.nutrients available for cells are replenished and start to multiply
D.none of the above
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12. The maximum specific growth rate of an organism depends on
A.medium composition
D.All of these
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13. Which of the following is not correct for the Monod model and the Michaelis Menten Model?
A.The Michaelis Menten Model was derived from a curve fitting exercise
B.The Michaelis Menten model was derived from an analysis of the mechanism of microbial growth
C.The Monod model was derived from an analysis of the mechanism of microbial growth
D.All of the above
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14. Bubble column reactor has
A.large height to diameter ratio
B.small height to diameter ratio
C.large diameter to height ratio
D.small diameter to height ratio
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