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Biochemical Engineering Objective Questions { Downstream Processing }

1. Concentration polarization can be reduced further by
A.pre filtering the solution
B.reducing the flow rate per unit membrane surface area
C.back washing periodically
D.all of the above
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2. A system which require less solvent and produces a more concentrated extract phase, is desired with a
A.large distribution coefficients
B.small distribution coefficients
C.very small distribution coefficients
D.constant distribution coefficients
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3. The efficiency of cell disruption in a bead mill depends on the
A.concentration of the cells
B.amount and size of beads
C.type and rotational speed of agitation
D.all of these
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4. A common filter medium is the cloth filter generally made of
B.synthetic fabrics
C.metal or glass fiber
D.all of these
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5. An ion exchange resin is composed of
A.polymeric network
B.ionic functional groups
C.counter ions
D.all of these
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6. Maintenance cost varies from
A.0-4% of the capital cost
B.12-16% of the capital cost
C.4-8% of the capital cost
D.8-12% of the capital cost
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7. The optimum wet solid content for the cell suspension for a bead mill is typically somewhere between
A.5-15% by volume
B.15-30% by volume
C.30-60% by volume
D.60-90% by volume
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